How to Remove Tattoos at Home (Low Tattoo Removal Cost)

Recently in this years, you can easily remove tattoos at home and no need to spend hundreds of dollars for unwanted tattoo in tattoo shops near you. There are many techniques, methods and tools available for tattoo removal; You can also remove them by a laser process to remove the tattoo. However, it is a very expensive and very painful method. That's why tattoo removal pens that can help remove an unwanted tattoo at home effortlessly. In addition, there are several natural home remedies that can help you remove tattoos at home, but take longer time to remove them, while the advanced pen for tattoos removal takes less time to remove tattoos effectively and quickly .

The best tattoo remover pen offers many mode adjustment levels and needles that are used for different skin types and tolerance level. You can use these home tattoo removal pens to remove freckles, moles, granulation tissue, tattoo, and any other skin blemishes. With this high-tech and advanced technology tattoo remover pen, you can efficiently remove a tattoo without bleeding and hurting. This electric pen comes with an upgraded chip and voltage stability and allows you to check the battery level on the LCD display. The pen continuously works five hours once it is charged fully.

How to use the Tattoo Remover Pen:

Before using the pen, clean the needle with the alcohol swab and gently wipe from front to back. It is better to test the device on some apples before using it on you. Also, you should not place the needle at one place for a longer time as it may burn your skin layer.

To start the pen, press on/off button and hold it for three seconds, and to change it to first mode press one time and one more time to get the second mode.  If you push to the 6th mode and push again, you will be back to the first mode again. The device works when you push the OUT key, and if you keep pressing the Out button for two minutes it will automatically switch off the power; it is designed that way for the safety reasons.

The Package Includes:

  • Tattoo Removal Pen
  • 9 Needles
  • Instruction Manual
  • USB

The beauty solution tattoo removal pen is designed with German Technology and it uses the most advanced techniques and provides quick and efficient tattoo removing services.  The pen also effectively and easily removes freckles, moles, dark spots, warts, tattoo, and more.

The best laser tattoo removal is easy-to-operate and it can easily remove the dermal tissues and dark pigments on the surface of the skin without bleeding. Before using the pen, it is advisable to read the instruction manual thoroughly and get the instructions clearly.

The remover pen comes with an AB Polymer Lithium battery that is easy to charge through the USB cable. The batter can work continuously for five hours once charged fully. The different level offers different services and to remove tattoo you must use higher-level. The best tattoo remover pen is safer, compact, easy-to-carry-around, and efficient.

Most of these pens come with fluorescent detection that is more user-friendly and practical and offers perfect craftsmanship, durable and strong. You may feel little pain when you use a higher level to remove a tattoo, so be careful when you use it, and remove the tattoos gently and slowly to avoid pain. 

It is import to know how to adjust the mode, especially when you are removing the shallow spots on a small area. For shallow spots, use less strength and to remove large area and bad spots use more strength. Be careful while using the remover pen and avoid any puncture to the skin.

But, if you have bigger body tattoos, then it is recommended, to consult the professionals instead of removing a tattoo at home. The remover pen should be charged in every three to four months if you are not using it for a longer time.


Clean the skin with alcohol, before using the pen, you can use stabilizer cream to provide local anesthesia that stays about 15 to 30mintues.  Hold the device at a slight angle, and using less strength go back and front, the needle should not be placed in one place for a longer time.  Avoid burning the skin layers. The darker tattoo is needed to be removed in four or five sessions. 

When you are using the tattoo remover pen, you should follow each and every instruction thoroughly to avoid mishaps and skin scars. Also, it is advisable to use the device on pigskin to practice before using the device on your skin.  Do not use strong alkaline scrub or washing to clean the affected part.

After finishing the task, you should remove the needle immediately and disinfect and clean it properly and then let it dry before storing it. Once the tattoos are removed, it will take some time for recovery, during that time, avoid eating spicy food and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

How much does tattoo removal cost

The tattoo removal prices are affordable than laser treatment by using our kits. Also, you can use the pen for multiple purposes and you can use it for multiple times. Check out the cost on ibeautyneed.

How painful is tattoo removal?

Laser tattoo removal pain depends on the modes and the strengths that you use. If you are using the higher-mode and higher-strength it will hurt a little. Also, it depends on the intensity of the tattoo and the location of the tattoo as well.

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