How to Use a Dr. Pen Microneedling At Home

Microneedling has seen all the rage in the past years because of its effectiveness in reducing wrinkles, fine lines, acne scarring, and dark spots. Microneedling was once only done inside a dermatologist or aesthetician's office. Although, with the release of professional microneedling pen kits like Dr. Pen, it is now possible to do it all by yourself at home, and the Dr. Pen reviews are pretty telling. Check out the microneedling pen before and after pictures on the internet for yourself!

In this guide, we will dive into the process step-by-step to use microneedling pen at home and make sure that everything is rightly done. Are you excited about your best skin ever? Read on! 


What you will need

  • Dr. Pen microneedling device(Dr. Pen A6 or Dr. Pen M8)
  • Brand new microneedling cartridge
  • A clean towel
  • Alcohol solution for use in sanitizing
  • Cotton Pads
  • Serum with hyaluronic acid
  • Surgical gloves (optional)
  • A numbing cream (optional) 

Step one: Tying your hair back and cleansing your face

Once you are done washing your face, clean it twice using the usual cleanser you use in your skincare routine. Make sure that all traces of makeup and creams are off your face and that no hairs are touching your face because any hints would increase the risk of infection and irritation. 

Step two: Applying your numbing cream (optional step) 

If you choose to use numbing cream for your microneedling session, Dr. Pen's maker recommends numbing cream with 5% Lidocaine. Do as the directions tell you to, but remove the cream and cleanse thoroughly right after. 

To ensure no numbing cream residue is left on your face, use a cotton round and put a mixture of water and 60% alcohol to wipe off around the area. Cleansing is essential to avoid any numbing treatment entering through the microchannels you will create. 

Step three: Make sure that your Dr. Pen has access to a power source or that it is fully charged. 

Step four: Preparing the area 

Make certain that the microneedling pen and the surface you will be working on are sterilized. Also, keep alcohol nearby and use the alcohol every time you touch an unsterilized area to avoid cross-contamination. 

We recommend using a bowl to pour the serum in and using a brush during the treatment not only to keep the whole process hygienic but also to make it easier for you. 


Step five: Lubricating the skin

You are now ready to use your Dr. Pen microneedling pen at home. Using the serum with hyaluronic acid, apply it to the area where you will be doing the microneedling. This step ensures that the professional microneedling pen will glide smoothly across the skin without any dragging. 

It's essential to know the ingredients of the serum you will be using. Serums with Vitamin C, retinol, whitening, or exfoliants are not recommended since it is possible that such components can cause a reaction or any other skin irritation. 

Step six: Assembling the device

You can use latex gloves or simply make sure your hands are clean in this step. Attach a new cartridge to your device and make certain that you are not touching the tip of the needle in the process. 

Step seven: Determining needle depth

Deciding on the depth of your pen and its needles is accessible by the rotating dial on your pen. It's important to tailor the needle depth for each part of the skin to get the best possible microneedling results possible. 

Because it is fattier than any other skin area, the skin of the cheeks can tolerate more depth, while the areas around the eyes, because of its thinner layer, won't require that much depth to be effective. 

Step eight: Microneedling the face

In working every area, brush or apply the serum before needling. Dr. Pen recommends working the needle in a vertical motion, horizontal, then diagonally on both sides. To remember the skin which has already been treated, work in a grid. Use your free hand to stretch the treated skin taut and work using light pressure. 

Step nine: Tips for the rest of the body 

Microneedling the rest of your body, particularly the legs of your arms, is possible. Just make sure that you are avoiding the bony areas such as the knees or the knuckles in your hands. It's also important to only use 36 to 42 pin cartridges. 

Microneedling pen professionals recommend using 0.5 needle depth for the legs, while you could use up to 1.5 mm depth for areas that are fattier. 


Here are a few pointers and tips on what to do after your microneedling treatment: 

  • After the treatment, and if you want to wash your face, make sure to use lukewarm water. Immediately after washing your face, apply the serum or any ointment with hyaluronic acid to calm and hydrate the whole face. 
  • Sweating should be avoided, so any activities that induce sweat, like working out or even makeup, are prohibited for at least 24 hours. Apply a high SPF protection sunscreen to your face if you need to go out. 
  • If you really need to apply makeup less than 24 hours, use makeup designed for sensitive skin or post-treatment makeup to avoid skin irritation; skincare should also be skipped for at least 24 hours. 
  • The microneedling cartridge is only used once and cannot be reused. Reusing it would not only lead to a higher risk for infection, but the dull and less sharp needles might damage the skin. 
  • Remember that redness, swelling, and slight bleeding from the needles are expected for a microneedling treatment. 


After 24 hours

  • Use a light and gentle cleanser to wash the face, and applying moisturizer after 24 hours is advisable to lessen flaking skin, swelling, bruising, and peeling. 
  • Makeup, activities that make you sweat, and sun exposure should still be avoided.

After 48 hours

  • Hydrate with moisturizers and gently exfoliate to quicken the healing process. However, avoid using physical and chemical exfoliants. If the skin is still feeling sensitive, skip exfoliation. 

After three to five days

  • You can now go back to your regular skincare routine.
  • The week mark is when the results of your microneedling will start to show. 
  • Remember that this procedure should be done only once a month or with 4 to 6 weeks of interval. Multiple sessions should be done to get the maximum results of this best microneedling pen

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