4 in 1 3Mhz Ultrasonic Galvanic Ion Photon Face Massager Skin Care Beauty Device

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4 in 1 1Mhz & 3Mhz Ultrasonic Face Massager 7 Colors LED Light Facial Photon Ultrasound Skin Care Device

1. This instrument uses a dual probe with a size of 1 megabit and 3 megabytes. The size of the ultrasonic probe works with 1 million times per second and 300 high-frequency oscillations per second to produce a penetrating ultrasound Acting on the human body to absorb the body, the sound energy is converted into heat, massage the skin cells under the action of heat, promote the blood circulation of the skin, accelerate metabolism, and improve the absorption of nutrients Body defense capability, activation of cells, inhibition of bacterial reproduction.         
2. 1 Mega large probe can be used to do the body/3 megabytes of the small probe can be used for facial.         
3. ultrasound can eliminate wrinkles, dark spots, acne skin-beautifying effect.         
4. ultrasound can reach the effect of thin.         
5. according to medical clinical experiments, ultrasound can make the skin double absorption effect.

colored light         
1. red light can warm and promote blood circulation, promote collagen hyperplasia, dilute fine lines, dilute melanin so that the skin is more flexible, more smooth and moist. To India pox and scar desalination and smoothing Role.         
2. blue light care has a sedative, anti-inflammatory, acne role; it can regulate the skin sebum secretion, can remove acne, improve acne, so as to achieve the efficacy of beauty. In addition, Blu rays also have the effect of convergence, compacting, and relaxing the skin.
1. positive ions will pore deep dirt export, deep cleansing of the skin, smooth skin whitening.        
2. the negative ions will skincare products into the skin deep nutrients, avoid the skin to prevent the absorption of nutrients so that the skin effectively absorb nutrients

1. pulse kinetic energy light technology is after years of clinical trials and in-depth study of medical experts, the human body power amplifier has been confirmed.         
2. can be applied to the cell membrane, regulate the fatty acids of the cell, promote the creation of inside the cell, stimulate the cells to store the energy required The new supersedes the old., cell.         
3. increase the permeability of the cell membrane to oxygen and water, so that cells can absorb more oxygen.         
4. to stimulate the body's natural defense mechanism, increase plasma proteins and other blood components, so as to strengthen the immunity of the human body.         
5. Help collagen fiber replication.         
6. regulate the human nervous system.         
7. accelerate the synthesis of body protein and DNA, so as to achieve the purpose of skin wrinkle
Using steps:         
1. Use ultrasonic cleanser to clean face skin before using an ultrasonic instrument         
2. to erase the facial cleanser with spray instrument 10 minutes after steaming        
3. the facial blackhead, acne and so clean        
4 pat the facial area with proper shrinkage water         
5. Gently erase the contraction water         
6. or a clear analysis of the nature of the skin, to deal with the problem, and then choose the most appropriate         
7. will choose a good ointment evenly rub on the face         
8. Massage with a probe on the skin that has been rubbed         
9. after the ultrasonic cleaning, probe: (not washed with water, wipe with a damp cloth can be)        
10. if can choose appropriate Chinese medicine powder film, skin refreshing and pleasant.

Usage method:         
1. positive ion export function:         
A. wash your skin with a facial cleanser;         
B. the instrument from the outside to the face for 2-3 minutes;         
C. rinse with clean water;         
2. negative ion introduction function:         
A. after cleansing skin, apply skincare products;         
B. the instrument from the bottom up, from inside to outside to circle the skincare

Matters needing attention:         
1. before you do an ultrasound, wash your face (or affected part)         
2. the use of the drug is best to have a certain viscosity, so easy to ultrasonic work head and skin better integration, is conducive to skin absorption, and in order to avoid burning out the ultrasonic head, should be coated with enough The amount of medicine is on the skin        
3. the use of ultrasonic time is 15 minutes, the longer time will not increase the effect, but also cause cell fatigue;         
4. the use of a small ultrasonic head, reducing the use of 8-10 minutes is appropriate         
5. the ultrasonic head must not close to the eye and contact the eyes: (bags under the eyes can be operated, can not operate above the eye beads)         
6. remember, do not allow ultrasonic work time (more than 15 minutes) output ultrasonic energy, and sometimes do not carry out cosmetic operations, this will lead to overheating ultrasonic head and burned         
7. pregnant women, severe heart disease patients, acute diseases, extreme hypertension, cerebral infarction, contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, hemangioma, zoster, follicular acne, systemic erythema People with lupus, systemic sclerosis, Addison's disease, hemorrhagic disease, or trauma and susceptible to contamination can not be used.         
8. with IUD women (the uterus can not use) period, do not use in the abdomen.

Products include:
1 x Device 
1 x English Manual          
1 x Power Adaptor (US / EU / UK Plug)


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