IBNUSA™ Handheld Vacuum Cupping Suction Device for Breast Enhancement


IBNUSA™ Handheld Breast and Buttocks Enhancement Pump Lifting Vacuum Cupping Device for Home Use----No medicine, No surgery, Just healthy way!

If you need a professional Vacuum Pump Massage Breast Enhancement Beauty Machine. Please follow the link here.
Vacuum Therapy Massage Butt Cupping Breast Enlargement Machine
No need electricity. Safe and durable and portable use at home. 
Extend hose including, it is very convenient to use.
Breast & Buttocks Enhancement treatment.
Cupping is the best deep-tissue massage available.
With a good penetrating effect and a big drawing strength.
Improve muscle immunity and function.
Easier to hand and safer to be used for self-treatment at home.
The product is composed of a cup, suction pump, and connector tube.

1. The breast enlargement cup is advised to be used individually, disinfected, and kept clean so as to avoid infection and spreading of skin disorders.
2. Initially use a small sized cup. After the breast is enlarged, use the larger-sized one in order to enlarge the breast to a satisfying dimension.
Application principle:
Breast and buttocks undergrowth, small and flat breasts, breast atrophy and flabby after procreation, breast drop, breast are not symmetric, nipple pits, mass in the breast.
Describe of female cupping kit:
The breast enlargement cup through improving the movement of muscles in the chest promotes blood circulation and sensory nerve transmission to the brain which activates pituitary gland secretion so that the enlargement of the breast is possible. Select a proper-sized breast enlargement cup and wipe it clean, put it to the rubber sealing cushion and link the cup and the vacuum gun with the connecting tube. Lay the cup onto the breast with the scale on the cup upward for the convenience of putting down the position of the nipple reaching to the cup. 
Hold the cup which is on the breast with one hand and use the other hand to pull the lever of the gun to withdraw the air inside the cup so as to cause negative pressure of the cup, which may enlarge the breast some 2cm. 
Disconnect the cup and the connecting tube, gently lift the position located on the top of the cup to let air fill the cup.
At the moment, the pressure inside the cup and outside the cup is equal, the cup would fall off the breast spontaneously and the breast resumes to the normal state, then put the cup onto the breast again, and withdraw the air. 
The breast enlarges once more, Repeat the procedure which moves the muscle and benefits blood circulation for 15 minutes on each breast. Apply the treatment twice per day, in the morning and in the evening.

Package details:
1x Suction Pump
1x Extend hose
2x Cups (L: Box size (mm) 210 × 143 × 143, Inner diameter (mm) 120 ± 2 ;Height (mm) 135 ± 2)


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Amazing results!

    Wow...this is amazing...! I have increased from a C to a D Cup in one week! Now I need larger suction cup as my breasts are already touching the release valve when pumping.. Amazing results! Thank you iBeautyneed.


    I am an experienced BE cup user and these BE cups are superior to comparable products. BE cupping requires consistent practice, but Rome wasn't build in a day! Using these over time clearly improves tissue health, sensation, appearance and SIZE. They are good for you if used occasionally but if you setup a routine - can work wonders.
    It's notable these cups do not have (or need) a rubber gasket over edges that contact skin. Rubber gaskets on other cups do not last. Before they rip or become useless they get dirty, ugly and stinky. Rubbers should be discarded after use. I can enjoy more pain than most and used gasket cups WITHOUT their gaskets under high pressure for awhile- but most cannot handle it. Beyond pain other plastic cups leave circular dents on the skin which take time to clear. These cups have plastic lip that is extremely comfortable and doesn't leave indentations on the skin. Depending on pressure, BE cupping is not comfortable in the beginning but you should start with lower pressures anyway until the tissue gets used to it. It only takes a couple weeks and you'll feel tissue adapt and become much more healthy and perky. Tissue also becomes tougher, yet more sensitive and is more pleasurable to touch.
    I initially purchased two sets of LARGE/EXTRA LARGE AnE Toys BE cups (with no rubber gaskets), a year ago. They were so good, I used them A LOT on myself for a few months and then began using them on friendly associates who all reported pleasing experiences. These cups are solidly built with higher quality materials and despite heavy use they are still doing fine. People who needed smaller cups expressed interest so I contacted Ibeautyneed and customer support was great. I purchased two more sets of smaller ibeautyneed "NATURAL" BE cups for my friends and can now confirm they are of equal quality to the XL cups! After 3 weeks, I have had excellent success with their use and everyone reports pleasurable results.

    Results after one use, no BS.

    I recommend applying lotion or oil beforehand to ensure better suction and to allow your skin to slide underneath the silicone o-rings.

    Can't go wrong! Works GREAT!

    I am seeing breast growth in just a few weeks of using it. I am sure that the Noogleberry is great but it is also pricey and this little unit does the same thing and for less than forty bucks.

    Just what we think and work nicely

    Just what we think and work nicely

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