5 in 1 EMS LED Mesotherapy Electroporation Anti Aging Beauty Device
5 in 1 RF(Radio Frequency) EMS LED Mesotherapy Electroporation Face Beauty Device For Wrinkle Removal, Face Tightening, Anti-Aging Over time skin can become wrinkled, discolored, and flabby. This is due to normal exposure to sunlight, natural aging, acne, genetics, etc. Skin care...
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6 in 1 Ultrasonic RF & EMS Anti Aging Skin Care Facial Beauty Device
6 in 1 Ultrasonic RF EMS Mesotherapy Electroporation LED Photon Therapy Beauty Device for Face Skin Tightening and Anti Aging Introduction:This 6 in 1 RF EMS Mesotherapy Electroporation Device adopt the lower powered LED visible light source, the light is soft, not only can it achieve...
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Ultrasonic Bipolar RF Mini Hifu Anti-aging Wrinkle Removal Device
Ultrasonic Mini HIFU Skin Rejuvenation RF Lifting Beauty Therapy High Intensity Focused Facial Lifting Anti Wrinkle Skin Care Device Mainly used for the comprehensive department of skin tissue sagging, wrinkles, skin aging rough, reshape the face curve, effectively enhance the eye area...
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7 LED Photon Micro-Needling Electric Derma Pen With Micro Needle
7 Light LED Photon Electric Derma Pen With Depth Adjustable Micro Needle Anti-aging Auto Micro Needle Pen   Description:Everyone wants to be at the best of times and always look their best. You want to turn back time and achieve...
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3MHz Ultrasonic LED Photon Machine Skin Lifting Acne Wrinkle Removal Beauty Machine
Theory: 1.Ultrasound: Ultrasonic therapy (3 million times per minute) is suitable for the skin on facial, eyes and body therapy. Ultrasonic high frequency waves cause proper heat and physical stimulation and movement changes of human cell. It stimulates and adjusts cell membrane....
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2 in 1 Oxygen Injection Oxygen Spray Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Salon Machine
Oxygen Injection Machine Hydrate Jet Injection Spray Skin Rejuvenation for Skine Care Beauty Machine Shipped by DHL and delivered in 1 week! Description:The Oxygen Injection Machine applies the world's advanced PSA theory. It can separate medical-use purified oxygen (high density,...
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2 in 1 Facial Steamer 5X Magnifying LED Lamp Hot Ozone Beauty Facial Clean Machine
2 in 1 Facial Steamer 5X Magnifying Lamp Hot Ozone Beauty Machine for Spa Salon For US customers: Ships from US warehouse and delivered in 1 week. This item can ONLY be shipped to US, please pay attention! Features: Premium...
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Ultrasonic Face Whitening Freckle Removal Anti Aging Machine RU-638
Ultrasonic Face Whitening Freckle Removal Anti Aging Facial Massage Machine RU-638 Introduction:Ru-638 beauty instrument have Ultasonice and Spots removed function. It is easy and simple to handle, portable design.Ultrasonice1.By the high frequency vibration(1MHz-3MHz), generate ultrasonic wiht strong penetrability. It is...
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Mini HIFU Multifunctional Ultrasonic Facial Rejuvenation Anti Aging Instrument
Portable Home Use MINI HIFU Multifunctional Ultrasonic Instrument For Facial Beauty Instrument Facial Rejuvenation Anti Aging/Wrinkle Technology Background The HIFU has been used in medical science for more than 50 years, which is safe and effective, used for eliminating organism...
from $245.99
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HelloSkin Mini HIFU Ultrasonic Anti Aging Wrinkle Removal Face Beauty Machine
HelloSkin HIFU Ultrasound Skin Care Lifting Anti-Wrinkle Facial Beauty Machine The beauty machine has the effect of face lifting, firming and delaying agingwhich is the first choice for modern women to be ignored by years.  Working System:The energy focused on...
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4 in 1 3Mhz Ultrasonic Galvanic Ion Photon Face Massager Skin Care Beauty Device
4 in 1 1Mhz & 3Mhz Ultrasonic Face Massager 7 Colors LED Light Facial Photon Ultrasound Skin Care Device Description:         Ultrasound         1. This instrument uses a dual probe with a size of 1 megabits and 3 megabytes. The size of the ultrasonic...
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LED RF EMS Ion Skin Care Facial Beauty Massager for Home Use
High Frequency Facial Machine Face Cleaning, Face Moisture RF Ion Skin Care Device LED Facial Massager Home Use, Light Therapy Device for Vibration Skin Firming Care ▲FEATURES:● Perfect to treating wrinkled, aging, fibrous tissue aging, inelastic, dark, rough and dull...
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30ml Serum Aqua Peeling Solution AS1 SA3 AO3 Concentrated Liquid Acid Skin Peel For Hydra Dermabrasion Facial Skin Care
30ml Serum Aqua Peeling Solution AS1 SA3 AO3 Concentrated Liquid Acid Skin Peel For Hydra Dermabrasion Facial Skin Care Specification:Item Type:Aqua Peeling Solution Feature:1.AS1: Normal skin weak acid can promote skin peeling, gently remove impurities, remove keratinous sebum, provide non-irritating exfoliating...
$19.99 $18.99
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Electric Hot Cold Eye Care Machine for Dark Circles Wrinkle Remaval
Hot & Cold Eye Massage Machine Reduce Fine Lines Remove Eye Edema Circle Ease Dry Eye Stress Warm Care  Functions:It helps to fight eye problems, such as edema, fatigue, dry eyes and dark circles, etc. to prevent from the early...
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6 in 1 Hydro Water Diamond Peeling Machine/ Oxygen Spa Facial Cleaning Machine
Free Shipping by DHL. Introduction of the machineHydro dermabrasionThe treatment is the newest advance in non-laser skin resurfacing. it is the only hydradermabrasion equipment combining cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection simultaneously, resulting in clearer, more beautiful skin with no discomfort or downtime. The treatment is soothing, moisturizing, non-invasive and non-irritatingBIO Handle& RF handleBIO sine wave work handle has calming,soothing and firming effect, shirnk pores,soothopain and reduce the swelling  excrete by the process of metabolism, and the vessal and nurve will not be damagedUltrasonic handleAccording to the treated purpose of the customer, with relevant extracts and nutrients, use the probe to inject them into the skin deep-seated, let them fully absorption, so get the best beauty effectRF handleThe deep heating of RF effects the electronics of tissue with the biological response of polarization electronic mobility by way of human tissues, resulting the electronics are formed as the molecules twist and crush against each other so that bio energy is produced, thereby bringing skin to warm in deep to stimulate the collagen produce contraction immediately, to stimulate the secretion of new collagen to fill the gap of losing collagen atrophy, and rearrange to rebuild skin soft frame, and ultimately firm up skin, remove wrinkle, restores the skin`s elasticity and luster.Cold hammerCool hammer treat edema, relieve the pain in the part of body, shrink pores, calm inflammation and abate hypersusceptibility. Oxygen spayer handle1.automatic instrument cleaning and disinfection system.2.in two eddy current probes, probe large, small probe.3.Simple user 5.7 inches LCD screen.4.A total of five levels of adjustable vacuum.5.a total of three levels of adjustable solution flow rate.6.can be equipped with a variety of unique advanced solution. Specification: Technology  Water dermabrasion/ Ultrasound/ Bio microcurrent/Multi-polar RF Model  Magic :Handle and MHz  1)Water dermabrasion: 1handle and 4 tips 2)Ultransound  :1 handle and 1 MHz  3)Bio microcurrent: 1 handle 4) Multi-polar RF : 1 handle and 1 MHz Voltage 110V60HZ   220V50HZ Power 250±5W Water Recycling System Yes Water Alert System Yes Control System Touch screen control Advantages:1. Remove the epidermis cutin layer,refreshing the skin2. Improve the cells organization,remove the defects.3. Promote the collagen and elastic collagen regeneration,imporve the mechanism,strengthen the elasticity,Reconstruct the healthy...
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4 in 1 Diamond Microdermabrasion Dermabrasion Ultrasonic Peeling Hot and Cold Machine
4 in 1 Diamond Microdermabrasion Facial Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Dermabrasion Peeling Beauty Machine For US customers: Ships from US warehouse and delivered in 1 week! Introduction:4 in 1 Diamond Microdermabrasion Dermabrasion Peeling Machine, uality Microdermabrasion Machines for Skin Care Professional...
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UV Analyzer Wood Lamp Facial Skin Testing Examination Magnifying Machine
Function:Our Woods Skin Analyzer is a lamp made to examine and diagnose your skin type for proper facial treatment. This lamp has a 3x diopter magnifying lens and uses UV light to diagnose skin conditions. It is a diagnostic tool...
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