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Micro Needles Stimulate Skin Tightening Wrinkles Scar Sretch Marks Removal Dermapen Beauty Device

Derma pen is a microneedling tiny device that you can use at home to eliminate skin problems like acne and scars. The microneedling pen or dermapen is a tiny device with advanced technology that can successfully eliminate the skin problems, thereby tightening and lifting your skin to rejuvenation with tone textures. After going through this detail review you can easily choose your best microneedling pen.
Microneedling pen for home use has got a spring loaded needle tip with vibrating motion that creates huge numbers of punctures into the skin. The stamping action of vertical needles is very much helpful to relieve the pain and recover any skin damage.
Dermapen is very much effective in eliminating wrinkles, acne, stretch marks, keloid and minimizing the size of large pores. It has got a disposable micro-needling tip that is sterilized and come in package.
Meso skin is the use of microneedling, the needle to stimulate the skin, in a very short period of time can make more than 200000 micro needle micropipe, make active ingredients can penetrate the skin with wrinkle, whitening, repairing, anti cellulite, remove scar and other special effects products, in order to reduce wrinkles, the treatment of scars and stretch marks, whitening skin, fade spots, improve the eye wrinkles, dark circles, tighten and enhance the ideal effect of facial skin tissue. Read more for more info about The Benefits of the Micro-Needling.

The AMTS (Auto Microneedle Therapy System) helps to:
Repair and revitalize complexion.
Reduce sagging skin, age spots, scarring (including acne scars), unattractive large pores & sun damage. 
Reduce deep-set and fine line wrinkles.
Restore skin's natural, youthful beauty.
Reduce cellulite & stretch marks.
Reverse age-related hair loss, restoring healthy, thick hair, a hallmark of youth.
Results rival those of aestheticians and cosmetic surgeons.
Less noise, beautifully packaged, 5-speed variable speed
It can take single needle, 1 pin, 3 needles, 5 needles, 7 needles, 9 needles, 12 needles, 36 needles, nanometer wafer, nanometer crystal multiple needles.
It can be used for micro - based foundation, gestational lip, gestational trichiasis, gestational eyebrow, gestational hair and facial care

1.Take out needle cartridge in the sterilized packing .
2.Fitting round slots 1 into 2 of machine ,push needle cartridge horizontally up to the end
3.Lock the cartridge by turning it to the counter clockwise.
4.Adjustment of needle length should be done after turn on the machin.
5.If you want to remove the needle cartridge,turn it to the clockwise and push out horizontally,fitting round slots(slot 1 and slot 2) together.
Red:     1 speed /18000
Purple: 2 speed /16000
Blue:    3 speed /12000
Cyan:   4 speed /10000
Green: 5 speed/ 8000

How to operate Micro Needles Stamp Derma?
1. Setting
Adapter Mode
(1) Plug in DC adaptor to the jack.
(2) Plug in DC adaptor to AC outlet.
2. Preparation
(1) Take out needle cartridge in the sterilized packing
(2) Fitting round slots 1 into 2of machine,push needles cartridge horizontally up to the end
(3) Lock the cartridge by turning it to the counter clockiwise
(4) Adjustment of needles length should be done after turn on the machine
(5) If you want to remove the needle cartridge, turn it to the clockwise and push out horizontally, fitting round slots (slot 1, slot 2) together
3. Adjustment of speed and needle length
(1) Adjustment of Speed and ON/OFF
(2) 5 speed level control
Pressing the switch 2 seconds to open the device ,It starts from the lowest speed to highest speed when you turn on the power firstly
The speed cycles low to high. Please press the switch 2 seconds when you need to stop the device
The flicker frequency of high faster ,the speed is higher
(3) Adjustment of needles length
You can adjust the length of needle by turning the adjustment ring clockwise or counter clockwise
Turning it clockwise, length of it will be longer
Turning it counter clockwise, length of it will be shorter

Package list:
2X12Pin neddles (for extra microneedling, please check here.)
1xUSB Cable
1xUser Manner
Box size:appr.20*12*4cm(L*W*H)

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