IBNUSA™ Portable RF Ultrasonic Cavitation Fat Reduction Slimming Device

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IBNUSA™ Portable Ultrasonic Cavitation Fat Removal RF Body Slimming Massager  Machine

Product Introduction:
RF Radio Frequency Cavitation for Slimming is popular in Japan. The main functions are Red LED light, RF Radio Frequency, and CV ultrasonic.
CV ultrasonic function:
The physical vibration with 330KHz makes everybody's parts vibrate and massage skin cells. Promote blood circulation. Improve the nutrition of skin tissue. Keep the skin rosy and elastic. The ultrasonic can smash fat mass and make lymphatic detox. Thermal ultrasound can change blood vessels and metabolism, strong circulation of blood, and reduce cells excitement. And analgesic begins to take effect. Ultrasound can enhance catalyze and accelerate the role of metabolism, which makes the PH value change to alkaline. It is very good for drugs penetration and improving drug disinfection.
LED function:
Red light with 625nm wavelength. This is high purity and strong light source with uniform energy density, which has a significant effect on skincare and health treatment. Red light can enhance the vitality of cells, promote cells’ metabolism, and make the skin release a huge amount of collagen and fibrous tissue for self-filling. Red light can suit various kinds of skin, promote blood circulation and regenerate collagen to keep your skin smooth. It can not only improve skin dryness but also improve hair loss and alopecia disease.

RF Radio Frequency function:
Triangle metal conductive tips radiate radio waves of 500KHz vibrations per second. This high-frequency vibration will generate thermal energy to shrink collagen and attain the effect of tightening skin, improving wrinkles, and reducing weight through continuous regeneration and recombination as time goes by. Besides, the RF intensity of this device has 4 levels from weak to strong, so people can adjust this intensity according to their own feelings.

Specification and package:
Name: Portable RF Radio Frequency Cavitation for Slimming
Input voltage: AC100-240V
Output voltage: DC10.5V0.4A
Power: 4.2W
Net weight: 259g
Product size: 114*90*100mm
Gift box size: 195*150*98mm
Packing includes:
1*IBNUSA™ Ultrasound Muscle Slimming Machine
1* Instructions
1*plug(US /EU/UK/AU)
Please DO NOT use this item on your chest (especially around your heart)
Persist on using this device to get a better effect
Please also keep on a healthy diet and exercise
Please remember to measure and take down the numbers to see the effect

Special Tips:
1. This device has three functions: RF, Ultrasonic Cavitation, and LED. You could use them separately or combine them together as follow:
RF+LED, RF+Ultrasonic Cavitation, Ultrasonic Cavitation+LED, LED+Ultrasonic Cavitation+RF
2. This device is applicable for body parts as follows: arms, belly, upper leg, lower leg, back, waist and hip.
3. This device is not suitable for the following body parts: face, neck, clavicular parts, elbow, wrist, joint parts of the body, knee, ankle, hindbrain, cervical vertebra and foot.
4. Operating duration and times:
1) The effective action area should be as large as 30*20cm. Move the device from top to bottom and from left to right several times (about 10 minutes)
2) Each part needs 10 minutes to massage. But you cannot massage the same part every day. It is better to massage the same parts twice or three times a week.
3) Please match to special slimming essential oil or losing weight gel to achieve an optimal effect when you are using the device.
4) After the massage, please clean the device and clean your body and apply some body lotion after 30 minutes.
5) It is better to use the device after taking a bath.
6) The correct way to hold the device is to keep it upright with your hand. See the picture below.

1. For the first time to use this device, please full charge. Connect the power source. The red light indicator of power will keep flashing. After full charging, the red light stops working. Please note the device cannot work when it is being charged.
2. Put conductive gels or cream on the body parts where you want to massage.
3. Press the ON/OFF button, and all color lights will brighten up one by one, then extinguish.
4. Press the RF button. RF starts working and warming up to burn the body fats. You could adjust the RF intensity according to your feelings. Pressing the RF button once is the first level. Twice the second level. Three times the third level. And four times the fourth level. There are 4 levels in total from weak to strong. You could adjust the level according to different body parts. For example, there is thick fat on your abdomen, then you could use level 4 which produces the strongest thermal energy to burn the fat effectively. Arms fat is thinner, then you could choose level 1 to massage. Level 1 is the weakest level, but it is enough for arms.
5. Press the CV button. This is ultrasonic function. It can blast body fat, penetrate the skin and decompose the fat.
6. Press the LED button to start the Red Light (625nm), which can promote metabolism and remove wrinkles. Press LED twice, the light will flash.
7. We suggest working on each part for 10 minutes. The machine turns off automatically in 10minutes. 

Description of operating the device:
Arms massage: Please move the device from the elbow to the underarm in “N” trace for 10 minutes.
Belly massage: Please move the device from the sides to the middle with an “N” trace for 10 minutes.
Thigh massage: Move the device from knee to thigh with an “N” trace for 10 minutes.
It needs time to be heating for the machine, so please be more patient try more times. Maybe you cannot feel hot the first time or the second time(It takes about 5 minutes to run once for the machine), but you will feel hot when you use in the next time and no need to wait 5 minutes.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Five stars!!

    i've seen one of these body shaping machine in TV and always wanted one. This device actually warm up and vibrates in high speed, Very comfortable and break drown the fat cells in my body. I do exercise after massage to quickly help me loss the body weight.

    Very good massager.

    I've used this for a month and it worked very well. I can see the results already. Works well very relaxing and no pain. Appliance came earlier than expected.I'm very happy and satisfied with this massager. Thank you.

    Good quality

    This fat Remover Massager functioned wonderfully. I liked it thats easy to use,helped me to relax and I feel my bully in exercises, especially it feel in tight!

    Good for slimming and massage!

    My girlfriend does Yoga every day, but it looks doesnt work to lose weight, so I got this to my girlfriend. She is so happy when she got the massager. She said this is good for slimming and massage, so she dont need to do yoga everyday.

    Warm, easy pain relief

    This compact, easy to hold massager works well on sore muscles and aches and pains. It warms up nicely, many vibrating modes to choose from. Quite sometime between charges. As for melting fat, I dont know yet lol. Maybe it will.

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